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Chania, the Majestic City of South Mediterranean..

One of the most enchanting cities in the southern part of Europe. A blend of civilizations, people and centuries of history. Venetian Castles, Roman baths, Byzantine churches, Turkish minarets. Traces of the Phoenician civilization, Saracen bays...Wild gorges, labyrinthine caves, inaccessible paths, next to the bustling, cosmopolitan life of the city both by day and by night.
Chania presents you with a unity of oppositions!
Head off and explore it!

"Blue Sea Villas" are close to wonderful destinations situated one to two hours drive from Elafonisi, Falasarna, Samaria Gorge, Omalos Plateau, Kourna's Lake, Palaiohora, Gramvousa and many more locations.

A number of interested archaeological sites as Knossos, Festos, Zakros, Malia, the archaeological museum of Chania and Heraklion, are expecting you summer or winter.

As far as Cretan hospitality is concerned, it is an experience that you can only feel and it's not possible to describe in words.The choice is yours. Welcome!!!

Seventy kinds of different orchids as "Ophrys Cretica" and many other are found in the island, many herbs as "Dictamnus Creticus", "Salvia Viridis" and trees as "Juniperus Oxicedrus" and the "Cupressus Sempervirens", which is the cypress that produces the best flamenco guitars in the world.

There are a great number of Monasteries and Byzantine churches with the Christmas and Easter masses that you can attend. You can also visit the old Venetian town of Chania with the amazing night life during winter and summer.

Castles and beautiful countryside will offer you a great experience and the rich knowledge of the history of the island, too.

Blue Sea Villas can be your station for explorations at the mountains where the visitor can watch many species of birds as the Eagle "Cypaetus barbatus", the so-called "Aquila Chrysaetus", unique animals as the KRI - KRI "Capra Aegagrus Cretica" and many more, over 200 species of endemic plants and trees.

Golden-green olive groves and the picking of the valuable crop during winter, orange trees in bloom, with sweet smells and golden fruits in spring, smells of thyme and sounds of bees working all summer to produce the Cretan honey; as well as grape harvesting and the visit to wineries during autumn and the tasty flavours of traditional cheese products, ...

These are only a few proposals for activities all year long and only samples of the abundance of Cretan land and unspoken beauties of the island.