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Blue Sea Villas are located in Platanias, an area 12klm west o of Chania's centre in Crete. Platanias is the most popular destination in Greece from the Nordic countries.

The place is famous for its amazing beaches with the deep blue water and the streets that lead to the outskirts.

You will enjoy walking at the unique beauties of nature. Platanias combines beautiful bathing beaches, wonderful countryside areas for walks, a great number of restaurants, cafes, clubs e.t.c.

Platanias is the destination for a quality day and a dazzling night life, during high season. The Blue Sea Villas are situated in the western outskirts of Platanias, about 1klm away from the busy centre of the village.


The Blue Sea Villas is 1klm away from the centre of Platanias.

Blue Sea Apartments is about 500m away east, with reception services if needed, on daytime during the summer period.

It is possible to contact the manager 24hours a day on a mobile phone, if there is an emergency.

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  • 12 klm to the city of Chania.
  • 33 klm to the airport.
  • 20 klm to Souda's harbour.
  • 150 klm to the Golf court.
  • 15 klm to water park.
  • 12 klm to the tennis club, athletic installation.
  • 15 klm to Chania's hospital.
  • 150 m to the medical centre during summer.
  • 1 klm to banks, restaurants, post office.
  • 150 m to the super market on summer.
  • 1 klm to the super market on winter.
  • 150 m to the main road.

Climate in Crete

The climate in Crete is warm and mild all year long, a fact that makes the Blue Sea Villas an ideal destination during summer and winter time, in combination with the cosmopolitan life of the island and the wonderful natural landscapes.

Table of average temperatures of Crete
Medium temperatures of island
MonthTemperature (0C)Water temperature (0C)Sunshine hours Rainy Days
January15,6 - 8,7163,412
February 16.2 - 8,8154,77
March17,1 - 9,6165,78
April20,1 - 11,6168,14
May23,7 - 14,81910,22
June27,5 - 19,12211,61
July29 - 21,72412,70
August29,2 - 21,72511,80
September29,6 - 19,1249,72
Oktober23,5 - 16,2236,56
November20,8 - 13,5205,76
December17,4 - 10,817410